Water technology

A reliably functioning water supply is important for municipalities. Households simply cannot be left without water. But the water mustn’t be too expensive either. We help municipalities to ensure round-the-clock operation of their waterworks and to keep costs down.

Technology that works

When the team members of FC Aarau football club head into the showers after having won a home game, their spirits are usually high. Not just because they won 3–1, but also because there’s nothing better after an exhausting game than a hot shower. No one thinks about the fact that the water has to be pumped from the wells to the reservoir and then distributed through the network. Dozens of pumps and valves are in use around the clock to ensure that the showers work after each home game, and behind the scenes, a great deal of careful planning and work takes place to ensure everything works as it should.

Immediately on site

If an aggregate does stop working, a replacement is generally in stock. We then just swap it quickly, and no one notices anything. By the time the next breakdown occurs, the defective part is back having been repaired. Naturally, this only works if we have thought through all the eventualities in advance. Some problems emerge gradually, while others come as a surprise but are to be expected periodically. The age of the plants also plays a role: a pumping station that is old enough to be in a museum will undoubtedly become unpredictable at some point and will also waste far too much energy. Small municipalities are also important customers for us. From emergency assistance to maintenance and energy-efficiency analysis, we’re here for you.

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