Fitting repairs: turning the old into new!

Large and small, fittings are available from many different manufacturers in designs that range from the simple to the complicated. Small, simple fittings tend to be consumables, and it’s best to replace them if they become defective. But when it comes to the bigger, more complicated and therefore more expensive ones, servicing is usually the more economical solution.

Know-how regarding all manufacturers and all types

No matter what fitting you send us, we will service it for you. We keep commonly-used spare parts in stock, and what we don’t have in stock, we immediately order from the manufacturer. We maintain good contacts with all the major manufacturers, and if it’s really urgent, they even fast-track our requests. Many leading manufacturers don’t have their own service centres in Switzerland and instead rely on aran to service their products. These include Samson, Schuf, WEKA, KSB, Kämmer, Von Rohr, Gestra and Sauter.

No spare part? No problem.

We have a customer who operates a tank farm. It contains old internal ball valves the production of which was discontinued at the end of the 1990s and for which five years later the spare parts ran out. Of course, comparable ball valves exist, but they don’t fit, and to make them fit the plant would have to be extensively rebuilt. This is a problem that’s right up our street. Why? Because we can build spare parts ourselves. Most of the work is done in our own workshop, cooperating with other specialists where necessary. Afterwards, the repaired valve is tested on our test bench. We won’t send it back to you until we’re sure it’s as good as it was 30 years ago. Such custom-made parts are, of course, more expensive than a corresponding part from the manufacturer. But they’re still cheap compared to the cost of rebuilding a whole plant!

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