Valve repair

Valves are consumables in plant engineering. They come in countless different types, and many manufacturers compete for business with the common standards. And because they are mass produced, they are comparatively cheap.

Repair often uneconomical

We are passionate advocates of “turning old into new”, but with valves, it’s often not worth it. The brand-new replacement valves are simply too cheap and easy to obtain. We therefore usually recommend replacement instead of repair for valves.

But if you have a valve

  • that is no longer available on the market,
  • the latest versions of which can’t be installed at your site, or
  • it fails to meet a requirement ...

Like McGyver – only better!

... then bring that valve to us. We can fix it too. There’ll just be a charge for it. But if you save elsewhere, or the problem cannot be solved otherwise, then paying that charge will be worthwhile for and we’ll gladly take care of the repair for you.

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