Damage analysis

After years of trouble-free operation, even the best unit will eventually reach the end of its useful life. Then it will need to be replaced or overhauled. We’ll happily do that for you. But sometimes you may find yourself asking yourself why such solid technology wears out so quickly.

First study, then repair!

Delivering something new every nine months might be good for our turnover. But that’s not how we work. If a unit stops working before it should, we want to understand why. We consequently look at the problem with you in an unbiased way. We put ourselves in your shoes and think our way into your operations. The detective work then begins. A close inspection of the damage reveals the first clues. Is the damage abrasion or corrosion, did the machine get too hot or did it run dry? This is how we get to the root of the problem.

Repair and prevent

Now we have the facts that describe the root of the problem. Based on these facts, we draw up a report and develop a plan of action for you to get the plant working again. Only then do we repair the damage and tackle the root cause. Our aim is not to have to visit again soon, and to make you happy to recommend us to others.

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