On site: mechanical repairs and maintenance

We will repair your machine on site if it is too large to bring to a workshop or is permanently installed. With our modern machines, we can perform facing and grinding work on site. We can also help with welded-in fittings whose grooved profile gaskets are defective.

Portable lathe and grinding machines for sealing seats, bores and flanges

Often, it is difficult, or even impossible, to dismantle flanges, heat exchangers, tanks or weld-in fittings for reworking in the workshop. Mobile lathe and grinding machines were developed especially for such situations. They can be used almost anywhere and for any installation situation.

Our machines are designed for turning cylindrical sealing surfaces in high-pressure fittings and for turning conical sealing surfaces. With our portable lathe with external clamping, we can machine various flanges on site.

This mobile technology also allows us to repair valves quickly and economically, for example, grinding and lapping sealing surfaces, valve discs and flanges.

The mobile machinery also includes a high-speed grinding machine for machining flat and conical seats in valves and on flanges. This machine is ideally suited for precise grinding of heavily damaged surfaces, cylindrical bores and conical sealing surfaces, especially after build-up welding.

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