Technical advice

Instead of technical jargon, we use language everyone can understand. In the past, our old hands could “hear a plant sing”, tracking down many problems with just their hand on the valve and pricked-up ears. A trained ear and practical experience still help today. But modern plants trimmed for maximum performance require engineers to have a deeper understanding of processes, aggregates, controls and dependencies.

Theory and practice

We aren’t keen on technical jargon, and much prefer using language everyone can understand. Ask your plant manager. He probably knows us and sleeps better at night knowing that we have his back. We are specialists, which means we’re able to maintain a clear overview. We work with all the major manufacturers and also know what is happening on the development front. We recognise trends early on and prepare accordingly.

For the management through to the technicians, further training is mandatory for everyone at our company. Staying up to date in all the major disciplines is exhausting. But we make this effort because we are challenged every day in practice. And because at heart, even with all our further training, we are not theorists. We are shrewd practitioners for whom no problem is too difficult, who exhaust every means and who are only satisfied when things really work.

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