Pump repairs

As good as new – only cheaper! Pumps, valves and fittings work tirelessly to keep your plant running as it should. High-quality pumps have a long service life. But because they are in constant use, even the best pumps eventually show signs of material fatigue, wear and deterioration.

Your pumps have to work. Otherwise nothing will work.

Regular maintenance, periodic vibration measurements and competent operation can prevent most surprises. But eventually, you’ll know – the pump is approaching the end of its service life. You can then scrap it (a shame) or repair it. We will be happy to sell you a new pump. But because we think sustainably, we prefer to repair old ones.
We are not bound to any manufacturer and are just as happy to repair pumps from Grundfos or KSB as from GEA Hilge or PCM.

Please, no surprises

If a pump is a one-off, the manufacturer disappeared 10 years ago or everything needs to be done very quickly, we still want to hear from you. It takes a lot for us to be completely stumped. We will make every effort to get things up and running for you again quickly. And anything we repair is as good as new again – only cheaper!

Tested and rated as good

Before we reinstall your “as-new” pump, it must prove itself on our test bench. Only when it is in no way inferior to a new replacement model do we allow it to return to service. We believe if it’s more sustainable and cheaper, then as good as new is actually better than new. Let’s get talking.

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