Assembly and maintenance

Pumps, fittings, automation components: we assemble and repair aggregates of all manufacturers and make sure that they work well together.

Mounted and running

When we install a unit or assemble an entire system, we don’t just position and connect it. We make sure everything runs smoothly right from the start. In other words, the plant must run just as you imagined it.

Assuming responsibility

Already during delivery, we are meticulous and double check everything, so that everything fits together and we’re able to start on time. In each project, you have a responsible contact person who personally vouches for your satisfaction. He oversees everything, from assembly, the leakage check and the alignment of the aggregates, through to the inspection of the measurement technology and the test run. And, of course, the moment of truth – commissioning. A good start also includes the transfer of knowledge. If necessary, we will explain to your operators what we have built and what to look out for during operation. We will also provide you with detailed documentation. Incidentally, each aggregate that leaves our hall is given an engraved aran project number. If something happens, all you have to do is give us this number and we’ll know immediately who did what and when.

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«Everything perfect ... keep doing it like this.»
Rosenmund Haustechnik AG
«Fast and uncomplicated service.»
R. Oetliker, B. Braun Medical AG
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J-Marc Brodbeck, ISS Facility Service