Energy-efficiency consulting

For the environment, your operation and your budget. We are known for “turning old into new” because we think sustainably. But whether on balance a refurbished aggregate is worth it for you (and for the environment) is something we like to check before we recommend anything.

Measuring electricity consumption isn’t enough

An efficient pump saves electricity and, at best, pays for itself. But that is putting it too simply. It simply isn’t enough just to measure electricity consumption.

Energy-efficiency consulting application areas

Grants for energy-saving conversions

The Swiss federal government and the cantons reward all those who save energy. Applications involve a considerable amount of paperwork and are closely scrutinised. Naturally, we include the subsidies in our analysis. But we do more than that: We already deduct the subsidies when preparing your offer and take care of all the bureaucracy for you.

We submit such applications all the time and have a great deal of experience with them. One less thing for you worry about, therefore.

Look right and left

Often, more than just acquisition, subsidies, energy consumption, service life and maintenance needs to be taken into consideration.

What if, for example, the new technology doesn’t fit your old system, if you need new installations throughout the hall and they take up space you don’t have? Then the bill will look quite different. Or what if you want to manufacture new products next year that need more flexible control, or if defects would have devastating consequences and you therefore need to monitor aggregate condition in real time, even if this is more expensive?

We already have built up extensive experience with all these matters and will be glad to share our experience with you. When we talk about energy efficiency, we have the whole picture in mind – the environment, your operation and your budget.

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