Sewage technology

From domestic-water pumping systems to sewage works: we can also be dirty!

Waiting is not an option

There are problems that are annoying or expensive. And there are problems that also stink to high heaven. We’re happy to keep such problems at bay. Because one thing is certain: waste water is inevitable. And if it can’t be moved along, the problems won’t be limited to just the smell.

Quick help for your pumping station

Fortunately, when your pumping station stops working, it’s often “just” the floats. We have enough of them in stock, and if you call us, we will bring them with us just in case. This allows us to fix many problems straight away.

To prevent your system from breaking down in the first place, we’re also happy to give your system a thorough check. This isn’t a guarantee it won’t ever break down, but it will protect you against many avoidable surprises.

And if you want to renew instead of repair after 30 or 40 years, we’re naturally also there for you.

An experienced partner in the operation of sewage works

Many sewage works are owned by municipalities, with an experienced crew on site for day-to-day operation. But for repairs, upgrades, conversions and additions, operators rely on outside specialists like aran. We know these technologies inside out. Whether you need to move dirty water or pump air for biological reasons, we have your back.


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