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We know all about technology, standards and documentation. We are well versed in hygienic design. We know the laws, regulations and guidelines, and terms such as qualification, validation, GMP, CIP, SIP, bacterial count, EHEDG, 3AStandard and FDA conformity are all familiar to us from our many projects.

Life sciences –
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The processes of classical process engineering are also ubiquitous in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In life sciences, higher requirements understandably apply to design, quality and hygiene, since the produced substances enter the human body – be it to cure diseases as medicine or to quench hunger and thirst as food. In both cases, it is important to know exactly what the final product contains. The equipment must therefore always be clean and sterile. Dead spaces where deposits can collect must be avoided, and where they cannot be avoided, they must be able to be flushed to prevent residues from entering the final product.

The protection of consumer life and health is of particular importance in life sciences. Life science systems are consequently designed according to hygienic-design principles.

Hygienic design also places additional requirements on pumps and other aggregates – not only with regard to their technical specification, but also with regard to the required certificates and their documentation. It is not enough to comply with the limit values. Plant operators must demonstrate that all major components meet the required standards and document this fact comprehensively.

Companies in the sector need to be very familiar with the offers of the various manufacturers, their documentation and the applicable regulations in order to be able to assess in each individual case which aggregate is suitable and approved for which function.

While pumps for food and pharmaceutical applications have many things in common, there are also differences, especially in the required documentation and certificates and attestations of conformity.

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