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Keep your plant at the cutting edge of tech. We help our customers and their plants stay abreast of technological developments. Seeing the bigger picture, keeping a close eye on costs and taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technology – that is our modus operandi.

Protecting your investments and keeping you fit for the future

Investment security and future sustainability are a given for new projects, but for us, they are an important consideration in all overhaul and conversion work, too. We know all major manufacturers and are at home in many industries. And we plan for you, not for some supplier. That is why you get a perfectly customised solution that skilfully combines the existing with the new. After all, sustainability is about more than saving energy, although that’s also an important topic in our consulting work. It is all about using your trusted technology for as long as possible.

What we can do

  • Plant design: we provide advice and develop solutions for issues in process engineering and hydraulics.
  • Conversions: we modify your existing plants to bring their mechanics, hydraulics and controls up to the latest state of technology.
  • Efficiency enhancement: we optimise your installation in terms of its energy efficiency and process engineering, keeping a close eye on your overall costs throughout the next five to ten years of your equipment’s life cycle.

Your benefits

We are a small, flexible team that knows exactly what it is good at. We speak your language and get to you – and to the point – quickly. We focus on what matters and plan your expenses as carefully as if they were our own.

Pump technology, turbine technology, vacuum technology and compressor technology have been our bread and butter for 30 years, and we know them inside out. We know what the manufacturers promise in their prospects and what their power units can really deliver, because we have plenty of in-house expertise on maintenance and servicing.

Keeping service in the family

aran engineering ag is your specialist for planning, design and efficiency in pumps, process engineering, plant construction and instrument-making. We are also a well-networked agent of renowned, regional pump manufacturers. Our sister company, aran ag, takes care of service, maintenance and repairs.

Expertise across industries

We are wherever there are pumps. We work across industries and independently of any manufacturer. Thanks to a wide range of completed projects and contact with customers in our region, we are particularly experienced in:

  • the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry
  • energy production (electricity, oil, hydrogen, etc.)
  • plant construction and instrument-making
  • engineering services for the public sector

Nowadays, consumers struggle to find their bearings in the vast market for pumps and process engineering. The engineering teams of the pump manufacturers make every effort to propose the optimal solution from their own catalogue. But they cannot adequately assess the situation on site, and they are bound to the interests of their own company. As a problem-solver for all operative issues, we have seen many plants – some oversized, some simply suboptimally equipped. Everything looked fine on paper, but in real life, things didn’t quite work out.

Such problems cost money, time and nerves. But here’s the thing: most of them can be avoided during the planning stage. After many first-aid jobs that could have been prevented through careful planning, we decided to offer those very planning services through aran engineering ag.

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