22 | 02 | 2022

Safety without seals – the special feature of the canned motor pumps from HERMETIC Pumpen GmbH. The design makes the pumps especially durable, smooth-running and safe. Especially when pumping toxic, flammable, explosive, self-igniting, chemically unstable or corrosive media, these pumps come into their own.

The name says it all

With their hermetic design, HERMETIC pumps shield the pumped medium from the environment, and are the best available technology when it comes to extreme conditions and hazardous media. HERMETIC-Pumpen employs around 400 people at its headquarters in Gundelfingen near Freiburg in Germany, and over 700 worldwide.

A partner with extras

We are a proud service and sales partner to HERMETIC for German- and Italian-speaking Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

And a strong relationship with HERMETIC-Pumpen (just an hour’s drive from Lausen) is not all we have to offer. To make sure our HERMETIC-Pumpen service can really convince you, we will be building up our own spare parts warehouse and working hand in hand with HERMETIC to develop individual solutions that provide you with exactly what you need.